How to write b2b tech press releases

Oh, where art thou I begin? First off, walk in with a positive attitude. Meaning, write a b2b tech press release that you believe will get press coverage. That’s the goal, right? Well, maybe not always. But, in today’s series, that’s where I’ll focus. Write to inform. Write to inspire. Write to get written about.

To do so, you must first gather all of the product and company messaging possible about the announcement that you want to make.

Speak with whoever within your organization knows the most about what you are about to release. Get behind the wheel, if you can, and use the new product too. The more informed you are, the better communicator you will be. 

Next, take that “news” and search for it on the web.

Learn how your competitors and direct competitors have written about the same news or something related. Also, read articles about how their products were written about. This also serves as a way to understand what to expect in terms of media coverage. You may be announcing the “first widget ever!” but not get much earned media. It’s good to see what’s out there already before you begin.

Lastly, start thinking about what kind of format you want the release to be in, what graphics and links you want to include.

Less may not be necessarily more if you’re providing your audience with information that they need to understand your whole story. You may need to an inline a graphic showing your new feature before getting to the remainder of your copy. You may need to start out your release with an argument as to why there is a problem in a sector and how you are addressing that problem with this release. 

In the next blog post, I’ll outline how to lay out your press release format.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.