Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing to Boost Book Publicity Performance

Effective social media marketing for books creates community, activates audiences, attracts new readers, and increases sales. A 20+ year marketing veteran, David launched Shirley MacLaine’s My Lucky Stars and a wide variety of other titles. He combines his publicity prowess and social media expertise to measurably improve book publicity performance. To talk to David about building a program to boost your book’s marketing across social channels, click here to get in touch.


Execute and Optimize Cross-Channel Social Media Programs

  • Systemize content posting strategy across Facebook and Twitter
  • Associate posts with popular hashtags to increase engagement
  • Boost priority posts with targeted advertising
  • Expand social program to Instagram and Pinterest where appropriate

Cross-promote Services Connected to the Book Author

  • Position authors at thought leaders
  • Showcase service offerings to social audiences
  • Encourage social sharing to expand reach and build community
  • Leverage social communities for marketing future titles

Focus on the Metrics that Matter

  • Build the follower base
  • Increase engagement
  • Expand reach
  • Drive conversion

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