Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value – Albert Einstein

Some PR professionals try to show their worth by how many “hits” they secured in the press. How many times their client’s story (or theirs) was written about in the news. There is value to that. Because to spend on advertising in those same publications would amount to many dollars and an unbiased opinion of the advertiser.

But, when written about by the media, there is an assumption that there is a third party who is credible and editorializes about what your client or you have to offer and the cost is free, not including the cost to have your PR pro pitch the journalist. But… 

Good PR can be bad PR.

Why? Well, it can have no value. Just getting your name in the news or in feature stories may not amount to anything of importance to your business even those “hits” are not strategically aligned with your business and marketing objectives.

In this week’s series we’ll cover how to develop an effective reporting process from start to finish.