How Do You Get A Journalist Interested In Your Story?

You write a pitch. In public relations, a pitch is a brief that a public relations professional will send to a reporter to prompt their interest to follow up, ask for more information, and agree to write a story or include you or your client in a story that is already slated to be written. 

Not surprisingly, reporters can get hundreds of pitches per day. You may not get a second chance to pitch your story. It’s critical that your style, tone, content, and delivery are crafted in a way that speaks best to whom you’re pitching.

While you will not get a journalist to bite on every one of your pitches, there is an approach that you can use to get better at pitching and increase the probability that you will get a journalist interested in your story. In this week’s series, I will be covering how to style and write pitches which get attention and press coverage.