There was a time when big news broke on the cover of newspapers. Today, turn on the TV, and everything seems to breaking news. The challenge for startups is how to identify if they have news and what kind it is. There are many different forms of news. Type include: 

Hard News – Immediate short blurb with “have to know” information, such as a funding announcement, unique survey data, acquisition of a startup or acquiring another company, prominent new hire, etc.

Soft News – Announcing the opening of a new office, product update or release, awards, partnership, new hires, or marketing integration 

Routine News – Information about business momentum from the previous quarter of a privately held startup, speaking at a conference, etc.

Feature Stories – News on executives, emerging trends, sectors, etc.

How can a startup identify a news headline within their own organization? How can it be formatted to attract news coverage? Which type of news media is the best for your startup’s news? These questions and more will be addressed in our series on news this week.