The devil is in the details.

The format of your press release depends upon what you have to work with and whom your pitching. Writing a press release doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Your half way there even though no words have been written down because you have a strategy. Take this press release sample as a guide.

The press release format is straight forward.

The company was announcing a new product at an upcoming event. So, the format of the release was as such: 

HEADLINE: The company is saying that it is going to announce a new kind of product at an upcoming event

SUBHEADLINE: The company mentions the product name and benefit to customers

LEAD PARAGRAPH: The company combined the headline and sub headline, changing the language slightly to include more descriptors so not to be repetitive. 

SECOND PARAGRAPH: The company talks about how this new product will integrate within their suite, so to add more business value to their customers and prospects. 

THIRD PARAGRAPH: The company explains in detail how problemed customers have been.

FOURTH AND FIFTH PARAGRAPHS: The company quotes an industry analyst to support the company’s position. 

QUOTE FROM AN EXECUTIVE: The company quotes an executive to bring a personal voice to the solution and add more messaging: 

SIXTH PARAGRAPH: The company talks about what it will demonstrate at the conference where the product is being launched and then lists out features.

SEVENTH PARAGRAPH: The company announces when the product will be scheduled for “general availability” and links to more information.

Second to last, a boilerplate is placed at the end of the release which outlines what the company is about and recent success.

Lastly, contact information for the company’s press contacts are included.

This is not a one-size fits all solution. Press release formats vary greatly. However, if you started with a press release strategy, then you will be aware of how the market has been digesting similar announcements thus far and will want to stay in line with those press release formats to help you garner media coverage.

Here’s another press release sample to show you how different this press release is because of the content matter.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.