Pitches: Style

What’s the best way to get a journalist’s attention?

Well, have a story. An actual story. A story that fits within what your target audience wants to know and what a journalist or journalists have been writing about. Unfortunately, there’s always a bad apple in a bunch of public relations professionals, and one mis-targeted pitch can spoil the bunch and lead a reporter to conclude that most public relations pros don’t know how to pitch. Simply put, if you focus on your style, you can quickly understand whether you have a story and how to pitch it.

First, let’s look at your story. What do you want to pitch? As a startup, your business has already identified a market need and you have a solution. But, that doesn’t mean you have a story. And, to have one, you don’t have to be disruptive, new, original, or unique. It’s best if your solution fits into a trend, news, or emerging story. But, how do you know if what you have to say will attract media coverage? 

Read all about it. Yes, first look to who has written about your solution or solutions that are similar to yours. If there are none, you have a bigger problem or an amazing opportunity. Now you have found a few reporters who have written about what you’re doing, find three to five more of their past articles which cover the same subject.

How has their writing evolved? What words did they use in the story headlines and lead paragraphs? Have they written positively or negatively on the subject? Do they include quotes from startups or write features about startups? Do they only cover breaking news? Has their most recent piece already covered a topic too similar to your story?

Now you have done your research, next we’ll cover what content to include in your pitch.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.