Pitches: Delivery

Hit it out of the park.

Well, not exactly. Just hit the send button. All of your pitches will be delivered by email. Keep in mind that you’re not pitching breaking news, so there may not be a need to follow up with a phone call. Certainly, don’t follow up to ask if a journalist got your pitch. Email again if you have to. Just don’t go to your send folder and resend the email from there to trick the reporter to think that they already responded and didn’t get back to you. That doesn’t work and may hurt your relationship.

You’ve done your research. You’ve laid out your pitch. You’ve written your pitch. Now it’s time to send! Hopefully, you already have the journalists’ email because you are using Cision or Muckrack or when you landed on one of their articles you used Hunter.io to capture their email address. In any event, you know how to reach them.

Next you know – or I hope you do – that you’re using a reputable email sender. Don’t send your emails to journalists through an email list provider like Constant Contact or MailChimp. You can use a CRM solution like AgileCRM if you want to track your emails in a database, but make sure that there is no “email list” branding on the email. That will be a turn off to a journalist and again threaten your credibility. 

You can just send the email from your Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook account. You’re only sending one pitch at a time. This is not an exclusive story pitch nor are you pitching many people in the hope that one journalist will ‘bite’ – not good.

Now you’ve got the email address, subject line, pitch in the body of the email, signature, and working links, it’s ready to send.  

Good luck!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.