"It's city versus city in the ultimate public battle to woo Amazon, and the very public courtship process may be one of Amazon's most genius moves yet, according to experts," writes Alyssa Newcomb for NBC NEWS.

What's the big deal?

Amazon is. Let's not kid ourselves. Sure, as the article points out, Amazon likes to change the rules, but it can, because its Amazon (no pun intended, just lucked out on that one). Point to any big brand that is constantly in the news more than Amazon these days. Even Jeff Bezos has garnered his own share of PR value.

I think the true test on PR is what the eventual rollout will look like. This is such an amazing opportunity for Amazon to move into a City and create a positive economic, environmental, and design impact. That's where the rubber will meet the road. It's the long tail..

What's in it for you?

You may about to be living in the new tech hub. That will add value to your property, bring more jobs to your community, and improve the resources in your life. The PR value - the positive word of mouth - could be exponential for Amazon and last many years, maybe even a lifetime.

So, yes, it's a genius move, for a genius brand.