I’m not giving away some deep dark web secret. Your next PR strategy is on the Internet. All you have to do is to know what to look for. Yes, it helps to have over two decades of PR experience under your belt to know how to see it. But, PR is a learned skill. A new approach to how you’ve been reading articles and watching TV news. There is no secret sauce.

What’s your story?

First, you need to identify what your story is. In this case, we’ll use a partnership that start-up X formed with company Y. Not surprisingly, start-up X isn’t the first emerging technology vendor to form a partnership with start-up Y. There are many others. As a matter of fact, Company Y is so popular that the joint press release they allow between their organization and others is straightforward and simple - and available online.

What was announced previously?

You can search on “Company Y” and “for immediate release” to find past press releases that Company Y and vendors have announced. You may also be able to find media outlets that picked up the news from older announcements.

What was written about?

Carefully scan which media outlets picked up the news from other vendors and Company Y before making recommendations on how to pitch your press release. You won’t be able to alter the press release template that Company Y has provided. You will be able to see how the media outlets wrote about the other vendors and pitch your news in the same style and format to improve your chances of getting press coverage.

Good luck!

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