A story is just a story. I got in a car crash. That’s my story.

But, what happened? What series of events led up to the car crash and what happened during and after the car crash?

That’s the narrative.

And, that is the future of storytelling.

Just ask Tobin Trevarthen.

He co-authored Narrative Generation: Why narrative will become your most valuable asset in the next 5 years 

In his book, Tobin and his co-authors share why a narrative is not a story and how a narrative is the “glue that connects stories and gives them context and meaning.”  

"By defining narrative, we help the reader see the narratives all around them. We then lay out the building blocks of narrative so the reader can think about their own narrative. Finally, we provide simple worksheets to guide the narrative-building process for organizations of any size," the book description states on Amazon.

If you haven’t yet, check out Tobin’s book at http://amzn.to/2qxJZqP

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