So says a new Content Marketing Institute Report. Among more than 1,000 marketing employees surveyed, more than two thirds are relying upon (and benefitting from) interactive content marketing – a two-way exchange between the content and the customer. And, that’s not surprising. Right?

With sophisticated tools like Hubspot or SharpSpring, more marketers are finding ways to engage with their audience through surveys, quizzes, assessments and more.

Furthermore – continuing to state the obvious – this tactic is a weighted lead generation tool. The key, the report states, is for the brands to offer something up in return for “the ask” – maybe by providing entertainment or utility in return.

But, maybe not so obvious is that interactive content only works when the content is targeted to the user and those two audiences – the sender and receiver – can build a relationship from the exchange of ideas. The interactive content must find a way to keep the customer engaged and continue to offer something in return for both parties. An email I got recently from Google asking to “test my site” is a great example.

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