Today I’m going to share three CRM tools that will help improve your public relations. Let’s hope that these get your week off to a great start.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have long been used by public relations professionals to manage relationships with media. While a journalist isn’t a public relations professionals’ customer, in a way you are selling an idea that a media outlet has to buy into.

Here are my top three CRM tools to help improve your public relations. Let me know in the comments how they work out.

Plan, Organize and Track Your Team’s Projects with

You’re gonna learn to stop hating Mondays after you use this tool. It (beautifully) visualizes all your projects in a team environment. It also has companion apps for iOs and Android which are pretty good. Best is that the tool is intuitive and lets you have total transparency among all your shared projects.

Plan, Organize and Track Your Team’s Projects with

Create a Marketing CRM with MailChimp

No, MailChimp isn’t a CRM tool, but it can be used as one when integrated with your CRM solution. Customer Segmentation is a key tactic for marketing professionals, but you can use a similar approach when reaching out to press. If you send out monthly or quarterly momentum press releases or recaps on the activity of your business, segmenting press by audience and sending specific, tailored messages to each group may help a journalist collect information from you about market trends, analyst reports, news, infographics, and blog posts.

Create a Marketing CRM with Mailchimp

Pitch Story Ideas with Agile CRM

It’s inexpensive, easy, and powerful - all good topline features for public relations professionals. We’re on tight budgets, don’t want to complicate the uncomplicated, yet need a solution that can do a lot for a little. Agile CRM is the one. Add in a contact and then import their LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. You can also track conversations you’ve had with them over email by linking your email account.

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Hope this gives you a head start on how better to manage your public relations with CRM tools.

Tell me in the comments.