Content marketing is all the rage. I wouldn’t be surprised if content marketers couldn't keep up, let alone PR agencies who are doing content marketing. So, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to cobble – for lack of a better word – all of the best tips I’ve found this week on content marketing into one solid post. Here goes!

Social Needs Content, No Duh

But, shocking as that – as originally reported in AdWorld – according to Brandwatch – 76% of B2B marketers maintain popular social accounts because of the content they are posting. I would have thought that the B2C marketers had that number or higher. Quite frankly, generating content and posting onto social is quick, easy – and best of all… cost effective. What’s more, is that it’s a great way for a brand to publish its own branded content. Though, buyer beware, don’t get too verbose on your own marketing messages as that will exhaust your audience and make it harder for them to pick out when you have “real news.”

Conversion Optimization Just Ain’t Happening – as Much as it Should Be

Opportunities abound in landing page optimization. Not to forget, how fast your site loads could be effecting how long users stick around to download your content. Those are just two tactics which are not being fully utilized, according to Wordstream and Kissmetrics as published on Business2Community.

Bummer, But Most Don’t Remember What You Publish

That’s according to an eMarketer’s survey that found “marketers may be investing heavily in content marketing, but their efforts may not be very memorable to people who come across it.” As it turns out, you’ll remember branded content – probably from Coca Cola – and it helps if you are sharing something new or if they taught you something new – like I just did!

That’s just a few not so obvious hints that I picked up this week while cutting and pasting that content onto our social media profiles.

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