Paid Social campaigns can post a lot about an upcoming webinar because they are not static on a brand’s social timeline. They can also repeat content and images. It won’t look like duplicate content on social. But, when posting “organic” posts, there are limitations to what and how much you can post. Here are some best practices to avoid looking like you're posting the same thing over and over. 


  • Best to post once 2 weeks before the webinar date - on all social media platforms

  • Also good to post once on the day of the webinar - on all social platforms)

  • Grab quotes during the webinar for posting on social (Twitter)


  • Good to add hashtags related to the content

  • Maybe even have your own hashtag for campaign tracking purposes


  • Smart to tag other speakers or brands on social content so that they can retweet/share with their audiences


  • Strategic to pay attention to anyone who mentions your brand during the webinar so that you can “favorite” a post or reshare, if appropriate - we use Oktopost

Supporting Materials

  • Ideal to also blog about the webinar, which you can post on social too, and/or write a follow-up blog post which we can post on social too

You might even suggest to the Paid Social team that after the webinar they advertise the on-demand version of the webinar on social for those who couldn’t make it live.

Of course, you can post more on Twitter than the other platforms because tweets have a short “shelf life." Be open to posting more tweets as long as you can make the content look original and use a different image than the original post(s).

Maybe even consider drafting a content calendar for each of these campaigns so that you and your team can have a first look at what will be posted.