I can take a quick look at any brand and tell you whether or not they’re maximizing their social presence. It’s a pet peeve of mine if they’re not. There’s too much to lose.

Here’s what I think is happening.

Best Practices are on the Back Burner

You can read a bunch of studies (and articles) on how to do social media marketing, but the best practice is to see where your competitors and aspirational accounts are having the most success.

Your Social Media Marketer Doesn't Get Your Audiences

If you really want to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to hiring the right person to manage your social media, find someone who has had experience working with or buying from your audiences.

Organic and Paid Social are not Working in Concert

Paid Social can really help drive growth and engagement. If Paid Social isn't Boosting or Promoting posts, then Organic may not work as well or as fast as needed. Those two teams should work together.

There's no Consistency to Your Brand Images and Messages

Whether you're employing two people or two hundred, every business should have campaign images and messages which are consistently brand relevant. Developing a Style Guide is a small price to pay to help build your brand awareness over a long period of time.

It's All About the Brand When it's not

Your brand is your people too. As well as publishing posts about what the brand does and has done, highlighting an individual or group's success can also help drive prospective employees and partners to join your culture.

Put the breaks on your social media program if any one of these points is not covered or out of alignment. It's not too late to redirect your brand to maximize its presence on social media. To learn more about how we can help lift your brand's social media marketing, contact us today.