If you’re a start-up tech company and have a Board, take these steps to communicate your PR success effectively. Why? You don’t simply want to share “how many hits” you got in the press or who wrote about your company. “Results” will differ as you’ll want to show how the PR results impacted your business and bottom line. Not such an easy task, right? Wrong. You can do this, if you follow these steps.

Tell a story that is in alignment with your business and marketing objectives

Don’t let PR stand alone. Show how you created your PR strategy to be in alignment with your business and marketing objectives. PR like advertising and social media marketing, is just another vehicle to help you reach your goals.

Share your audiences targets and messaging

Yes, this sounds like you’re outlining your PR strategy with your Board. Yes you are. Explain your thinking process, because it’s as important as how you think as what you think when it comes to speaking with a Board. Share your audience targets and what you said to each of those targets.

Tie your results to a metric

For example, show how through your PR, your company raised its share of voice (SOV) as compared to competitors. That will help explain how your company has been included in more RFPs or has generated more sales. Yes, PR can help generate sales.

Present your results to the Board in PPT format

Give the Board a pretty, easy to see/understand, outline of your work. You’re also handing off your words to your executives to present. So, the easier you can help your executives deliver your message, the better. Don’t go too deep in the weeds. Think back to your business and marketing objectives and make sure that your presentation is in alignment with those goals.

Get ahead of your next presentation and give the Board a taste of what’s to come

The Board is your Board. Provide a calendar of announcements in the queue and other related PR messages/pitches that you will be unveiling over a certain period of time, maybe a quarter or two. You want the Board to buy-in what you’ve done and what you’re going to do as it relates to supporting your company’s product and business roadmap.

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