Once upon a time, you got press coverage. Publications that you were only hoping would write about your company, did. But, now you’re thinking – that was good, but it wasn’t enough, it didn’t hold. The quality and quantity of your media relations went up and down. Now it’s time to get back on that rocket. Unfortunately, you don’t have an announcement to make.

Where do you go (or start again) from here?

While there is no magic button to make it happen, there are two media list building and distribution platforms which could help you land mentions in nationwide publications.

You kind of have a media list, if you go back and mine the data from previous coverage. So, you were covered by which publication, TV program or radio show, and who wrote the story or did the interview? Capture that data. That’s your first task. Don’t get locked up on whether or not you have relationships with those folks. They wrote about your company. They’ll know you, when reminded.

Now sign-up for MuckRack and BuzzStream. Ok, just give me a moment more to help you understand how this will all get pulled together and benefit your company. Next, don’t just take all of these steps below into consideration – do them…

STEP 1: Create a list of your previous press coverage including name of publication, name of repoter/producer, location, title, phone, email, and link to coverage. You can do this with MuckRack. You will be building a press list. Make sure it’s in a format that you can upload into BuzzStream. So, get the contact data of the folks who covered your company from MuckRack. Walla! Now upload it into BuzzSteam (Walla X 2) and title that Category in BuzzStream, “Previous Coverage.” I would also recommend you break out the media outlets into Categories depending upon the coverage (ie. technology, business, kind of trade publication, etc.)

STEP 2: Now use MuckRack and BuzzStream to track what those journalists are writing about. They’ve written about you before – and not for quite some time – so it’s possible they may cover you again. Of course, not on the same subject, but here’s where it gets interesting. I’ll have to assume since you’re interested in the news, you’re reading it. What’s trending in your business sector? Did any big news stories break recently? If so, you can become a part of that news stream. How? Take a news story, edit it into your own words, and send it to those journalist on your list letting them know that you are available to speak on that subject while at the same time providing them with some insight into what you can talk about – don’t just say that you are available for comment. Become their expert source!

STEP 3: Not to sound like a broken record, but use MuckRack and BuzzStream to track what those journalists are writing about. This time round though you’ll be pitching people who haven’t covered your company before… Sit down with your C-Suite – and do what Steve Jobs taught me – make a list of the publications / TV programs / radio shows – that you want to interview you and write out their headlines and lead paragraphs – just not for them – this is for your eyes only. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. You want to be written about in FAST COMPANY? So, take yourself through a test. See if you can write a headline and opening paragraph of a story you would be quoted in - in that publication. If that’s the case, then you have yourself a strong pitch to send to a reporter or editor at FAST COMPANY.

Each of these steps can be done independently or together. Ideally, you’ll either have someone in-house or a PR Consultant who can help execute all of these programs simultaneously. Looking back at previous client engagements, every client has had a consistent mixture of these steps to help generate press interest on a sustained basis.

You can achieve these results even after having several years of dormancy.

That’s what we found from experience. Some companies have a great launch when announcing their new funding, but go silent after that – in some cases for many years. By leveraging any one or more of these steps and MuckRack and BuzzStream, each company can get back into the press.

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Thanks to my friends at Bison Analytics for giving me the inspiration to use their blogging style to craft this post.