Getting press for clients is complicated for public relations professionals. Believe it or not, just having a good story isn’t good enough. But according to Cision, one of the longest standing public relations and earned media software and services providers, there are two things that you can do to get press coverage: provide accurate and newsworthy information.

Fake News is Faking Us Out

Consumers of content are having difficulty discerning what is real and what is fake news. Trust among journalists has also fallen. Press would rather have accurate (and newsworthy) stories than be first on a story or get the promise of exclusivity.

In Press Releases They Trust

“Journalists continue to love the press release,” the study also reported. “For three years in a row, media professionals have ranked press releases and news announcements as the most valuable type content they receive from their PR contacts. They’ve also once again chosen the press release as their most trusted brand source. This is nearly universal, with journalists from around the world citing press releases as their most trusted source of company information.”   

Cision’s 2018 global State of the Media survey, collected data from 1,355 journalists from across six countries on their “perception of the media and communications industries.”

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