While posting content on social media doesn't "count" as public relations, a lack of posts on social about the growth of your business or too many posts about non-company topics could negatively impact your narrative. Let's examine social media from a different perspective and consider why our current outlook is flawed. I'll share a new approach on social media marketing and how it can be attributed to as PR and be counted in your measurement results.

What is Social Media?

When I ask my clients this question, they name social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To me this suggests that right away they think that social media is, well, social. That when content is placed on a social media platform it is expected to create activation and engagement. Sounds simple yet what B2B technology companies post typically on social media does that, but doesn't actually tell their story.

The question then is how do you bring your social media channels into your Company narrative? The answer isn't so black and white as sometimes what you post from one day to the next may not seem directly connected nor aligned with how your business is currently perceived. I believe that the company with fewer followers may be as influential or more than the company that has tens of thousands of followers on social. That's because I define social media in value, not quantitative terms, as follows:

Social media marketing in value = influence

Each of us has a limited amount of personal bandwidth when it comes to digesting news from social and online and offline media outlets. We can only have so many social accounts or read so many publications or watch so many TV news programs in one 24 hour period. Especially if you're a journalist (or analyst) and are expected to cover a space or company too - good luck! The B2B technology start-up that provides more value on social to specific targets will offer campaign messages which fit within the Company's vision and speak directly to its various audiences.

This simple formula has an incredible outcome.

You can either post on social for the sake of posting on social to everyone or you can be a source of information, news, and education for your stakeholders. Further, just posting too much on social will cause you to lose followers.