Content marketers too often look outside their organizations to create content and stay top of mind when blogging or posting on social media. Maybe they should look from the inside out? “Call it the principle of benign antagonism: An organization benefits when it subjects itself to pressure and scrutiny,” writes Andrey Slivka for Forbes.

The most interesting part?

Poking around your company like an investigative journalist may “uncover internal material that informs or entertains.” It may also put your company at risk.

Content marketers need to align themselves with executives who are open to exploring creative ways to promote a part of a narrative that may not have been released prior, but plays into the bigger picture and doesn’t break confidentiality or make any forward looking statements (assuming you’re working within a public company).

If you’re on the agency side, you may not have those executive relationships or have opportunities for open dialog within your clients’ organizations, but you can learn more about your clients by encouraging them to meet you in-person weekly, attend their events, and mine their social media properties for sales and marketing content which you may not be hearing about.