It doesn’t go without saying how grateful at 2pinz we are to have worked with so many talented clients and agencies throughout 2017. We are humbled that they chose to work with us to help them lift up their social media, content, and PR. Here’s what we all have to look forward to in 2018.

Communications landscape continues to evolve

“The idea that content is now KING has been so deeply engrained within us all that we’ve been practically made to envision it wearing a massive sparkling gold crown!,” writes Zoe Christodoulides for ACTION Global Communications. “ As emphasised by Ann Handley in Everybody Writes, content is the ‘building blocks’ of any communications campaign. And in our content driven world, everyone suddenly has to become a good writer in order to carry marketing messages forward.”

Integrated marketing only gets stronger day by day

“Integrated marketing campaigns may seem old-school, but Marketing Land contributor Kevin Bobowski explains why they're essential for marketers who want to keep their marketing departments agile and efficient.”

Social media has forever changed marketing

"Social media is an affordable audience building tool that vastly influences an extensive network of users in the quest for products and solutions,” writes Sudheer Keeran for “As the marketing buzzword of the hour, social media helps marketers find the right segmented audience to hone in on qualified prospects. Social media relates its success story to highly responsive interactive features such as images, videos, and clickable properties that turn the otherwise dull brand promotions into a conversion apparatus.”

Traditional PR is far from dead

“At some point, everything is declared dead: TV, radio, advertising, digital, email marketing and, yes, even PR,” writes Stuart Smith for the USC Annenberg Blog. “But as Oscar Wilde once eloquently put it: ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.’ PR is certainly not dead. But who practices it, how it is practiced, who buys it, why they buy it and how we organize ourselves to deliver it will — and must — change.” 

Employee advocacy aka internal communications is as important as external comms

Randy Pennington for HuffPo says, “Empowering employees to voluntarily help your company succeed should be, to borrow a phrase from Tom Peters, a 'blinding flash of the obvious.'"

The emergence of new technologies like AR and the use of data in marketing programs

The age of customer centricity is here, and as experience increasingly becomes the biggest driver of digital transformation and marketing strategy, 2018 will be about moving the customer relationship to an even deeper and more dynamic level of personalised engagement," writes Azadeh Williams for CMO.

May you all have a happy and healthy New Year!