Seth Arenstein took a positive approach to how PR pros can up their game in 2018 for PR News. I say "positive" because there's always room for growth when we keep an open mind - even if it's painful. I also want to add a couple of my own. I'm using Seth's template...
Issue: Client wants to get press wtih no news.
Ideas for Solutions: Review content plan with client and together decide if any of those stories are newsworthy or are at best contributed articles or blog posts.
Issue: A competitor's share of voice (SOV) is much higher than your client's, but your client wants to match the competitor by a certain date.
Ideas for Solutions: Goals are important. Don't be afraid to set them. Just be realistic. Run an audit of the competing coverage and share with your client to help them understand what you're all up against and come with ideas on how to compete.
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