"Edelman CEO Richard Edelman on Wednesday called for the PR industry to adopt a new set of ethics principles superseding those of trade associations in the wake of the collapse of Bell Pottinger," writes PRWeek.
"Edelman described four principles for the industry to follow, known as the "PR Compact." He called on firms to insist on accuracy, demand transparency from clients, engage in the free and open exchange of ideas, and require all staffers to take a free universal ethics training course online. Edelman also called for the formation of a coalition led by the PR Council and the Page Society to serve as an industry watchdog in the U.S. and to partner with other groups around the world for a global standard."
Our team at 2pinz also recommends that these training courses be taken every two years for employees, since ethics related issues pop up and need to be additionally addressed, and that these courses are given by legal council. We also suggest that the "industry watchdog" be a legal entity to ensure that participants understand that their actions are accountable.