Google News Alerts is a gift. Just type in any keyword phrase such as the “internet of things” and capture “as it happens” news articles in your email. Though, not all search results are created equal. Some are more valuable than others - that all depends upon your objective. Here, I am writing to you as a public relations professional who is interested in finding a story that I can get a client into. You’re probably scratching your head right about now…

Above I said that the stories have been published, and have been delivered to you. But, below that I claimed that I could use Google New Alerts to get into a story, but didn’t mention that I would try to get a client into a story that was already published. Believe me; some would think that was possible too!

What I am using Google News Alerts for is to track news in a specific sector like the “Internet of things” and find where there may be an opportunity to use a trending news story to get news by sending that story to journalists who haven’t covered it yet – and don’t compete with those who have written - and offer my client as a source for an upcoming article on a topic he/she can speak to.

As you can see from the clipping below, one of the three news stories has “legs.” Which one? It’s possible that a journalist may have interest to hear from a company or vendor about the results of the IDC study. Maybe the company or vendor’s opinion is in stark contrast to one of the findings or he/she can shed light on a new way of looking at a result from the study.

How can you do this? First start by emptying your mind of any preconceived notions that the trending news was covered too much or is a dead story. Also, don’t worry about whether or not a journalist would have interest in your client nor try to push any kind of marketing messages. Try freeing yourself up by using your “beginner’s mind,” where you can truly just fish to find out if a journalist may have interest in having a source comment on a particular story or be available for a related piece.

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