If you look at the new 2pinz website, you’ll notice that it’s changed, once again. No, we’re not just putting on another outfit from our closet. Our firm continues to be in touch with the constant change that we’ve experienced running public relations campaigns for clients since 2011.

So, what’s been in the works over the last four years?

1) Smaller Firms like ours Partnering with Larger Ones – The little guys can be more agile, nimble, at times, and offer the bigger firms specialized services on a project basis. Our two person team recently completed a marketing project for a large marketing organization for their Japanese client.

2) Combining Resources Instead of Partnering – Sure, we’ve managed social media marketing campaigns for clients, but a prospect asked for social lead generation. We joined forces with a firm down in Los Angeles and co-branded a pitch, offering the client a full program of public relations and social media lead generation services.

3) Outsourcing from the U.S. to Overseas – An agency in the UK recently commissioned us to be their outsourcing agent for a prospective opportunity to draw our knowledge of the U.S. media market and press relationships to its shore. “Across the pond” took on a whole new meaning.

4) Services Expansion – All are in a tiff about the need to bring in content development experts to serve PR clients. We took it to another level. Our team combines marketing, product marketing, and content development expertise. No, we’re not a jack of all trades and master of none; we’re focused on growing the business where the clients need us most.

5) Where We Win in Business – Technology is growing at a rapid pace and the economy is benefitting from it in many ways. We’ve continued to stay focused on developing and implementing strategic communications programs for clients in the technology sector within the U.S. and overseas.

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