B2B companies universally face challenges around content development – overtaxed staff, no plan, and no integration with broader marketing initiatives.  And with respect to blogging, the mere mention of the word evokes a shudder.  It all seems so daunting – creating a content calendar, assigning authorship, and – worst of all – actually executing the writing.

Most B2B companies view their blog as a chance to showcase thought leadership pieces penned by their in-house “experts” – AKA the executive management team. Topics are allocated by functional area and expertise, and the C-level folks agree to draft a post each month. Hey, it’s only 300-500 words – that seems reasonable, right?

The reality is that it’s highly likely that it just won’t happen. Why?  It’s not only because there are lots of other projects and commitments that take precedence over blogging but also because it’s time consuming and arduous even for confident, skilled writers.

How do you get around this obstacle?  You outsource.

The most effective B2B blogs are carefully planned and map to specific marketing objectives – driving vertical penetration, showcasing core capabilities and benefits, highlighting product features, and solidifying differentiators. And, while “thought leadership” pieces authored by executives establish credibility, topical posts tied to marketing objectives drive leads and sell product, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

The best performing blogs contain a solid library of marketing-driven posts that don’t require executive involvement.  These posts can be attributed to various managerial level staff members, or even simply to “Blog Editor.” When you outsource content creation to a blogging expert, the benefits are three-fold.

 First, you create regularity and efficiency around content production. Second, you achieve a consistent and familiar voice.  And third, your outsourced blogging expert can be directed to write for a specific objective.  A skilled blogging strategist and writer should be able to take a topic that integrates a target vertical, a core capability, and a unique and timely point of view to create a post.

The beauty of the company blog is that it’s a running narrative, and – done right – it can drive leads, press interest, and more.  It takes planning and a dedicated resource – and this is why you outsource.