The answer is yes. Take this example into consideration. Though, when reading, insert an analyst or firm in your space. I’m not going to give any one analyst firm props here as this could apply to many firms nor am I going to pitch how to do analyst relations. I’m merely pointing out, within the context of a case study, that quotes from analysts can be newsworthy for companies. Let’s explore.

A B2B technology company retained an analyst firm. A particular analyst at this firm not only aligned thoughtfully with an executive at our client’s company, but challenged him and other vendors to think about market trends and how they may impact his business and competitors. The marketing team at the client was impressed by what the analyst was suggesting and piggybacked on his hypothesis. But something was missing.

Those with enough experience in B2B technology knew that vendors often pay analysts to sponsor analyst reports. Just simply “announcing” the vendor’s new position with an analyst quote in a press release, which the analyst firm wouldn’t allow anyways, would not secure third party validation – from the press. Hosting webinars with the vendor and analyst firm didn’t get the attention from the press either, of course. But, one thing did.

The analyst posed a question in one of his quotes that challenged whether or not a current market trend would hold. Our client had an answer. At 2pinz, we drafted a pitch to B2B technology reporters who were covering this subject including the analyst’s question and a tease from our client that provided the reporter with one way of looking at an answer, with a request to talk and learn more.

Horizontal technology and trade publications requested interviews with our client. Four articles were secured.